Dodo Recipes

Kani Poteto Sarada (Snow Crab Leg served with Japanese Potato Salad)


Potato Salad
DoDo Snow Crab 60 Gm
Onion diced 20 Gm
Mashed Potato 200 Gm
Japanese Mayonnaise 28 Gm
Japanese Sesame Sauce 7 Gm
Chives 1 Gm
Black Pepper Crushed 0.2 Gm
Gherkin 5 Gm

Sweet Tartlet 15pcs
Dill 5 Gm
Tobiko 20 Gm

Preparation Instruction

  1. Combine mashed potato, onion, black pepper crushed, mayonnaise, sesame sauce, DoDo snow crab, gherkin and mix thoroughly.
  2. Fill into piping bag and pipe into tart shells, garnish with dill and tobiko. Ready to be served.