Dodo Recipes

DoDo Fish Ball Mushroom Cup

Recipe DoDo Fish Ball 200 Gm Dried Mushroom, Soaked 15 Nos Wolfberry, Soaked 15 Nos Chicken, Minced 200 Gm Chicken Marinade Oyster Sauce 10 Gm Corn Flour 1 Gm White Pepper Powder 0.2 Gm Sesame Oil 0.5 Gm

Preparation Instruction


    1. Marinade minced chicken, mix thoroughly and toss mixture against bowl. Set aside for 30 minutes.
    2. Add some corn flour on top of mushroom, add minced chicken, top with DoDo Fish Ball, garnish with a wolfberry.
    3. Cover and steam for 15 Min.
    4. Sprinkle sesame oil, serve hot.