Dodo Recipes

DoDo Chawanmushi


DoDo Crab Stick 100gm
Egg 220gm
Water 650gm
Soy Sauce 15gm
Salt 2.5gm
Sugar 2.5gm
Gingko Nut, Halves 10nos
Carrot, Diced 20gm
Spring Onion, Chopped 15gm
Chicken, Minced 200gm

Chicken Marinade:
Soy Sauce 3gm
White Pepper Powder 0.2gm
Sesame Oil 0.2gm
Corn Flour 0.5gm

Preparation Instruction

    1. Whisk egg gently while adding water, soy sauce, salt and sugar.
    2. Divide crab stick, marinated chicken, gingko nuts and carrot evenly between 5 cups or 10 small cups. Pour egg mixture into each cup until filled.
    3. Cover and steam for 15 minutes.
    4. Garnish with spring onion serve hot.